May 21, 2024

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AI phone integration reaches new heights with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series

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The release date for the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S24 series has been confirmed as January 17, with new information and images being revealed.

The release date for the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S24 series has been confirmed as January 17, with new information and images being revealed.

The upcoming Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra will showcase their design and AI capabilities, providing valuable insights.

Images leaked via Phone Arena showcase the upcoming Galaxy S24 series, indicating a design that appears to be similar to its previous models.

In addition, there are various AI functionalities, such as:

  • Note Assist automatically condenses, arranges, and interprets notes.
  • Live translate provides instant translations during phone conversations.
  • Enhanced search capabilities allow users to highlight or select any image, video, or text to find specific items, demonstrated by locating a specific backpack in a photo.

The utilization of these AI functions necessitates a Samsung Account, while the operation of Note Assist is dependent on an internet connection. However, certain features can be executed directly on the device.

The camera features are also incredibly remarkable, as the Galaxy S24 Ultra proudly presents a 200MP primary camera.

The Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus, which are the other two models in the series, come with 50MP cameras that guarantee superior imaging performance.

Samsung S24

The latest models from Samsung, the S24 series. Retrieved from Phone Arena, the S24 range is shaping up to be a strong competitor against the Pixel 8.

In the field of AI-integrated devices, Samsung has made significant strides, showcasing a range of gadgets at the recent CES 2024 event. This marks the beginning of the era of AI devices, as reported by DailyAI.

Two of the latest advancements in the world of technology were the AI fridge and Ballie. The former was announced by Samsung and is expected to be released in 2024, while the latter, a smart home robot assistant with a built-in projector, was unveiled by both LG and Samsung in 2024.

Artificial Intelligence in iPhones and Google Pixel Devices

The incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) into their functionalities was pioneered by the Google Pixel series, particularly with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro versions.

The Magic Editor feature of these phones, which allows users to creatively fill in gaps and reposition subjects in photos using generative AI, is made possible by Google’s Bard Micro technology and the Tensor G3 chipset. This new lightweight AI model is specifically designed for on-device processing and is incorporated into the phones. Additionally, the phones receive updates courtesy of Gemini Nano, as reported by DailyAI.

The feature of Audio Magic Eraser eliminates undesired background noise in videos by organizing various sounds into layers to enable selective editing.

The latest version of Google, known as the Bard model, is now incorporated into an enhanced Google Assistant. This integration includes popular apps like YouTube and Gmail, providing customized features such as email summaries and social media caption creation.

The iPhone, which has been known for its slow start, is now present in the market. Apple is anticipated to launch an advanced version of Siri and other generative AI capabilities exclusively for newer models such as the iPhone 16, thanks to the progress of a language model called Ajax, as reported by the Daily AI website.

The upcoming iOS 18, scheduled for release later this year, is set to introduce various advanced AI capabilities. These include upgrades to Siri, as well as auto-summarization and auto-completion features for core applications. Additionally, users can expect improved playlist creation options in Apple Music, and the incorporation of AI tools into AppleCare services.

The use of machine learning algorithms will be incorporated in Apple’s Face ID system to enhance the security of facial recognition.

The AI devices are currently on the move.

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