May 21, 2024

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In favour of AI alternatives, Duolingo lays off translators.

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Duolingo, the language translation app, has reportedly laid off several human translators in favor of artificial intelligence (AI).

An employee of Duolingo, the leading language translation app, has claimed the company has dismissed several translators in favour of artificial intelligence (AI).

Recent days have been a high-octane time for AI-related job displacement, with companies releasing AI-generated promo imagery on social media and receiving massive criticism. 

For example, Magic: The Gathering used AI to generate images promoting upcoming cards, and Xbox’s indie games division used AI to create images for X posts. 

The company that lost the most is Wacom, a maker of art drawing tablets. This company makes products that help artists create digital art and uses AI-generated images to promote discounts. 

Duolingo is now laying off human translators, according to recent posts. It appears that Duolingo has “offboarded” a lot of its contract employees. 

A commenter shared an email from Duolingo, saying, “Here is the last email I received two weeks ago.” for your viewing pleasure. Over the course of five years, I worked there. There were four core members on our team, and two were let go. In addition to reviewing AI content, the two remaining members will make sure it’s appropriate.”

It’s one thing to hear about job losses caused by AI, but it’s another to see the insensitivity in the email. 

For some time now, Duolingo has been experimenting with artificial intelligence. We at Duolingo are well versed in the use of artificial intelligence, according to a blog post from September 2023. This is at the heart of everything we do – from personalizing your language lessons to underpinning cutting-edge security features on the DET, our high-stakes English test, to helping you learn music.”

The article continues, “This is not about replacing teachers or starting over.”. Instead, it is about using technology to improve outcomes.” The partisan post continues, “AI has the power to transform our world.”. “The impact of AI is evident every day because we see the benefits.”

As a result of these layoffs at Duolingo, people have reacted similarly as they have in recent days to criticisms directed at other companies. Several observers believe this signals a reduction in human employment opportunities on the part of companies. 

As a result, companies have also had to take new PR risks because they must be extremely cautious when using AI to improve their processes. 

According to artist Reid Southen, who worked with scientist Gary Marcus to expose Midjourney’s laissez-faire use of copyright data, “This is the world we’re creating.”. Humanity has been removed from how we learn how to connect.”

According to Duolingo, some Duolingo workers have yet to be renewed as of the end of 2023 following Softonic’s coverage of the story. However, these are not layoffs. Duolingo retained the majority of its employees, as this affected only a tiny minority of its workers.”

In spite of that defence, many observers see this as a symbol of the technology’s most feared impact: job replacement by AI.


Duolingo, the language translation app, has reportedly laid off several human translators in favor of artificial intelligence (AI). This move has sparked criticism and raised concerns about job displacement caused by AI. The company claims that their use of AI is aimed at improving outcomes and not replacing teachers. However, the layoffs have been seen as a sign of the feared impact of technology on human employment.

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