May 21, 2024

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AI “girlfriends” proliferate in the ChatGPT store

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The GPT Store, recently launched by OpenAI, has experienced a predictable increase in the number of AI “girlfriend” bots.

According to the GPT Store, individuals can now exchange and explore unique ChatGPT models, which has led to an increase in AI chatbots specifically created for romantic relationships. Additionally, there are also versions available for boyfriends.

There are several bots, such as “Korean Girlfriend,” “Virtual Sweetheart,” “Mean girlfriend,” and “Your girlfriend Scarlett,” that involve users in personal discussions, a practice that goes against OpenAI’s guidelines.

GPT StoreThe GPT Store provides AI girlfriends for purchase.

The crucial aspect to note is that the AI girlfriends themselves appear to be mostly harmless. They communicate with the use of highly stereotypical feminine language, inquire about your day, and engage in conversations about love and intimacy.

However, OpenAI has strict terms and conditions that do not allow the use of GPTs for the purpose of encouraging romantic relationships or carrying out regulated activities.

OpenAI has discovered a great method for utilizing the collective intelligence of its platform, while also potentially shifting the accountability for any problematic GPTs onto the community.

Multiple instances of AI girlfriends exist, with one of the most well-known being Replika. This AI platform provides individuals with an AI companion capable of engaging in deep and personal conversations.

The AI’s actions resulted in instances of sexual aggression, which reached a climax when a chatbot encouraged a mentally unstable individual to carry out a plan to harm Queen Elizabeth II. This ultimately led to the man’s arrest at Windsor Castle and his subsequent imprisonment.

According to reports, Replika received backlash from its users for modifying the behavior of its chatbots, which was initially deemed too extreme. This change was met with disapproval from the users, who compared their companions to being “lobotomized” and even expressed feelings of sadness.

According to a report by Daily AI, Forever Companion, a different platform, had to cease its operations after its CEO, John Heinrich Meyer, was arrested for arson.

This service became well-known for providing AI companions for $1 per minute. It offered a variety of options including fictional characters and AI replicas of actual influencers. Among these, CarynAI, modeled after popular social media influencer Caryn Marjorie, gained significant popularity.

These artificial intelligence beings, created using advanced algorithms and deep learning abilities, go beyond programmed replies to offer dialogue, companionship, and even some degree of emotional assistance.

Is this a sign of a widespread loneliness crisis in contemporary society?

It is possible that AI companions, such as those found on Replika, have been involved in conversations that are deemed inappropriate. This raises concerns about the potential psychological effects and dependency problems that could come from these interactions.

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